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Firstly let me introduce myself!      My name is Yaakov Kranz    and I have been involved with music professionally for over 25 years.

This site was designed to promote my "one man band" and "Extended one man band" .  However I  also play simchos that have  full orchestras as well.  If you are interested in a Full Orchestra, I have the manpower to give you a great band at a reasonable price. The same quality and integrity that goes into the One man band, is present with regards to a full Orchestra.  Please call (718) 868-1800 for more information.

When I take on a job, it's as if it's my simcha and I feel a responsibility to be there with enough time to set up and start the music on time.  I'm usually there 45-60 minutes before a simcha, and for larger setups like weddings, even earlier.

The reason for the long setup is that I bring a lot more equipment than some others.  Some "one man bands" bring a single amplifier/speaker combo  which doesn't give you nearly as much control of the sound as what I bring.  That kind of setup is much quicker but does not sound as good as a complete sound system. 

If you are having between 50-125 people at your simcha, I generally would bring a complete sound system. This includes a separate amplifier and 2 separate speakers, if there is sufficient space in the hall, the speakers would be mounted on poles so the sound is dispersed to all parts of the room.  If your simcha is larger (150-200+ people),  I would strongly recommend my other setup which I refer to a as my Sub-woofer system; and if considerably larger, I  would add more speakers accordingly.  Recently I was playing with 6 speakers being driven by two amplifiers simultaneously.  This kind of setup you will typically find by a Wedding or an outdoor event.

This by no means says that the music has to be loud!  It just means that you will get great sounding music!  Volume is a totally separate issue.

Not all rooms are created equal and sometimes it is difficult to have a quality sound reach everyone in the room equally. I do take this into consideration when coming early to set up the sound system, and I try to work with speaker placement and compensate  for the lack of room acoustics. I feel that not everyone is as careful in this area as I am.

People have asked me how do you know what to play?  The answer is simple! I look at the crowd.  I play selections so the people there can enjoy the music. If it is an older crowd, I will generally play music which is older. I will also tend to play more quietly as well, because I know that people want to socialize with each other and the music is there more for the ambiance.  

A younger crowd will get more updated music. If it is a more of a yeshiva crowd, more yeshivishe music is played. If it more of a modern crowd, more modern style music is played as well as Israeli music. If it's a mixed crowd (which usually is the case), then I play a mix of music. I have a lot of experience and exposure to different styles of music, which allows me to "read the crowd".y all means, browse around the site and enjoy the music!

So enjoy the music on the website! 

Listen and compare my music to others,  and read some of the testimonials from my 

previous clients, concerning my integrity and professionalism.

My motto is that  "Your simcha"  is  "My Simcha"!

If music is an important part of your Simcha, go with Yaakov Kranz

and the Kol Yaakov Orchestra!