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Dear Yaakov Kranz,

Thank you so much for providing such Leibedik ruach and kedusha to our sonís Bar Mitzvah. You were also extremely organized before, during and after the seudah. We really felt that you had our particular needs in mind, and you added such simcha by combining your tremendous talents and your sincere desire to please us. We are also so much enjoying the cds you sent us-we are able to remember and appreciate your hard work even more, and we are able to enjoy that beautiful simcha over and over again! Thank you again, and we look forward to being in touch.

Sincerely Rebecca and Boruch Hochster Queens NY February 2010


"My family and I have been hosting many Sheva Brachot celebrations over the past few years, Boruch Hashem Each one of these simchas has been enhanced by the beautiful and tasteful music that Yaakov Kranz has provided. He has a unique style of playing a great mix of music, which blends into the background and does not drown out the simcha with loud, noisy, annoying songs. Instead, his repertoire is varied, his style is smooth, and all who are present always comment on how perfect the music is. Not too loud, not too soft, just right in every way. We highly recommend using Yaakov Kranz and can't wait for another simcha in the family so that we can enjoy hearing his music again."

Sincerely,  Esther

Belle Harbor, New York  January 2002-- February 2003 -- April 2003-- January 2005--March 2006-- February 2009


"Kol Yaakov Orchestra was original and unique in the ideas and music created for our simcha.  

Yaakov Kranz easily adapted himself to the participants, 

creating a very leibedike atmosphere at the right decibel level.

He's much more than just a one man band.

He more than exceeded our expectations, and we've only received positive feedback  from our guests.

Thank you again for making our simcha so memorable."

A.L., Lawrence, NY    March 2009




"Rav Yaakov, to thank you for providing the music at our simcha does not nearly express our haíkores hatov to you for your part in the event.  You not only anticipated the needs of the crowd and the flow of the simcha, you became part and parcel of the simcha, ensuring the continued happiness of all that were there.  This is not only true for the time people were there, but for the time after they left.  You help make these moments more than momentary; they are now eternal.  We truly thank you."

All the best and continued hatzlacha.

Dovid and Chaya Neiburg  January, 2009



Thank you so much for enhancing our simcha with your beautiful music. It was a pleasure working with you to have everything go smoothly. Looking forward to using your services again at the next simcha!

  Yitz and Elke Twersky, Queens NY ,  February 2009


Reb Yaakov,

"When I mentioned Kol Yaakov, I really meant that you made a tremendous contribution not just with your brilliant playing and technical devices, but your voice made a big difference.  Thank you for adding such leibedich ruach and kedusha to our simcha."

Best Wishes,

Steve Greenblatt Cedarhurst NY June 2007



Dearest R' Yaakov Kranz,

            "Just a little note to let you know how much we appreciated your music at our Simcha.  When needed, the music was soft and elegant to enhance the ambience, and for the dancing, it was leibadik and really got the crowd up and dancing.  But beyond all this, you are so sweet, fine, punctual and a pleasure to deal with.  We canít wait to use you at future simchas! "

All the Best, Ezra and Adena Dyckman   February 2008  &  May 2009. 



Dear R' Yaakov Kranz:

"Both my wife and I were extremely pleased with your work at both of our simchot.  Your music added much to them without being overwhelmingly loud.  The music was timely, leibedic and matched the tempo of the parties, dancing music when needed, soothing background music at other times all - without missing a beat.  Most of all, your kind demeanor, professionalism, punctuality, reliability and menshlichkeit were much appreciated.  The biggest compliment is that I would use you again."

MR (Asked to remain Anonymous) May 2006 & March 2007


"Yaakov Kranz, you are the keyboard master who makes Jewish music come alive!  Thanks for a gevaldike simcha!  We're telling all our friends! "

Elliot & Frada Pasik Long Beach, New York January 2007

To view more recent recommendations, click on the link below then scroll down to view. http://www.chossonandkallah.com/wedding-vendor/Kol-Yaakov-Orchestra-and-One-Man-Band.html